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Monday, January 11, 2010

Being yourself vs respecting anothers boundries (January Article)

So today someone unfriended u or linden labs unfriended them 4 u your not really sure why, they never said anything to u that day an u didn't talk to them sooo what happened? I mean u have gotten in trouble in the past 4 not respecting their boundaries, but they don't talk much so its hard to say, especially if they don't tell u. An u have said more risque things to them in the past than anything u have said recently an they didn't seem upset about it so why today? do u write them a letter, well u could, but would that in itself be disturbing a boundary. at the same time u cant let others oppress you an tell u not to act the way u do with everyone, i mean peeps gotta accept you for who u are, especially if they want the same privilege. but all relationships require compromise on various levels this u know, because in order for a relationship of any kind (even friendships) to be successful, u need communication an compromise. K so u don't have the greatest memory, how do u remember what upsets others do u write it in a book, well u could, but it kinda cumbersome to look at that all the time, i usually strive 4 just being totally blunt about it an asking, but sadly there this thing called etiquette that polite people use as a bible which sometimes confuses their true intent. how do u know if their being honest or just polite, u don't, thats why i really dislike political correctness an etiquette. Its also why i am attracted to an adore bluntness an honesty. I mean gimme "me Tarzan u Jane" any day baby at least Jane knows Tarzan is warm 4 her form. but seriously its both parties responsibility if they care at all to at least try communicating an i know there is this little thing called fear (which i can be horribly guilty of with certain people) but dammit sometimes u gotta just jump! what really drives me insane about SL is the ease with which some of the tools can be used to create bad forms of communication. *muting people* nice feature but u cant do that in rl an if u ran around with a remote trying to peeps would laugh an think u loopy. Same with *unfriending* someone says something u dont like or u bored, wham they get the ax, screw how that may hurt there feelings or nuttin i mean if u ran up to timmy in rl an slapped him thereby *unfriending*, timmy would be upset an possibly demand an explanation an it wouldn't be considered odd at all cause if u respected timmy at all u should at least tell him why u slapped him so he can say sorry an possibly make amends, assuming u give him the chance. but again thats up to u, i try an treat peeps how i wanna be treated, so i would give timmy the chance, tho i have told peeps that after 3 unfriendings no more an i mean it, cause seriously it kinda hurts even tho it is just online to some of u. So guys if i ever inadvertently upset u or step over a boundary please know  its not intentional an please allow me to try an make amends, cause while i like joking about tormenting people i only ever tease an i never mean 4 my teasing to hurt or upset anyone :( Also i am flexible an open to compromise but ultimately have to be me too so treat me like you'd like to be treated an I'll ultimately try to do the same, but reality check, this girl is not perfect an i do make mistakes so if u could take that into account too it would be nice:)) oh an if u have an instruction manual u would like to share that would be cool too!

much love Wytchwhisper:)

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