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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year what are your expectations? (January Article)

I was thinking today through my own experience an from talking to others about our expectations. They always seem to be there even subconsciously regardless of weather we want them to or not. We can say we don't expect anything but we all have little hopes an dreams we wish would happen an when they don't we seem disappointed unless we change our perspective about the situation. I mean we can choose to remain all down cause the circumstances didn't fulfill what we thought they should be or we can choose to maybe look at it thru another's eyes an their possible motivations, but even then unless u r in someones head, u just don't know u can only guess, an guessing isn't always right. We don't always know others motivations for doing things how badly they have been hurt in the past an how that may be effecting their current behavior. As humans we generally seem to try an internalize an find fault with ourselves somehow like we may have inadvertently caused the undesired result but in reality it prolly has little to do with us an more with the other persons self talk, u don't know the things our  crazy brains say to us, like evil jimminy crickets lol its all lies i tell u. With out another voice to say "that's crap!" we usually stupidly believe these lies when we should prolly just say "jimminy shut the fuck up would ya" lol "i mean seriously dude your raining on my parade". So what (insert person) didn't say  or do what u had hoped they would does that mean they don't care? hell no it just means they cant read your mind i mean seriously how can we expect things from others if they have no clue what we want. On top of that you don't know their current circumstances just cause they don't wanna hop on da stripper pole 4 ya doesn't mean they don't want too but maybe a crazy prude that might hit them with a purse is nearby u just don't know! or maybe they had traumatic stripper pole trauma in their past were everyone laughed at them, i mean unless u ask u just don't know! So ask dammit! Communicate with others try an let them know what your evil jimminy has been saying so they can tell u its crap. Part of the biggest problems i see (including myself sometimes with certain people) is the inability or fear to express our wishes an dreams to others, doing so makes us vulnerable yes no doubt but unless there a total ass they not  gonna pull out a knife an stab u repeatedly. (well unless they a smily faced murderer but that a whole another topic) And people are constantly growing as individuals just because someone laughed at your shoes an called u a looser yesterday doesn't mean they still feel that way today (is an eternal optimist). I mean shit rolls down hill an u don't know who crapped on them before they dumped on u or maybe they sexually frustrated an need to align their chakras (i know i get angry easier if im sexually frustrated) seriously we just don't know an peeps need to talk more. What if they wont talk or your too scared to talk about it? well then u can either stay miserable an think of the worst possible scenarios or u can choose to look at it in a positive light an be happy for the present it is your choice after all. I mean our expectations are our responsibility weather we choose to share them or not.

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