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Monday, March 8, 2010

Wytchwhisper Facilitates @ SL/RL Relationships Meeting "Technology does it help or hinder Relationships?" (Group Transcript/Article)

[18:55]  Acuminous Watanabe: Hi Bloomglow
[18:57]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: hi chester:)
[18:58]  Chester Dickens: hello Wytchwhisper and Acuminous
[18:58]  Chester Dickens: may I sit with you Acu?
[18:59]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: hi bloom!
[19:00]  Bloomglow Ferryhill: hello :)
[19:01]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: hi tredi!
[19:02]  Chester Dickens: Hello Tredi
[19:02]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: hi michaelangelo
[19:02]  Tredi Felisimo: howdy
[19:02]  Tredi Felisimo: can't see a thing yet! hoping I'm not clouding anybody up
[19:03]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: hi windows
[19:03]  Tredi Felisimo: Hi Wytch! Acu! Windows! Chester :)
[19:03]  Acuminous Watanabe: Hi Michel, Windows :))
[19:03]  Tredi Felisimo: Michael
[19:03]  Tredi Felisimo: DIamonD
[19:03]  Chester Dickens: :-)
[19:03]  Acuminous Watanabe: Welcome Namaste
[19:03]  Diamond Meness: hiya Tredi
[19:03]  Windows Bhalti: Hello Everyone
[19:03]  Acuminous Watanabe: WB Daimond... where's Jarrod?
[19:04]  Acuminous Watanabe: Diamond
[19:04]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: hi diamond an namaste
[19:04]  Acuminous Watanabe: CHESTaaaaaaaaH
[19:04]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: hi jarrod
[19:04]  Diamond Meness: hiya Acu
[19:04]  Chester Dickens: May I sit next to you Tredi?
[19:04]  Diamond Meness: hello wytch
[19:04]  Michelangelo Barrowstone: hello all
[19:04]  Tredi Felisimo: am I sitting???
[19:04]  Tredi Felisimo: lol
[19:04]  Diamond Meness: Jarrod's on his way
[19:04]  Diamond Meness: lol
[19:04]  Tredi Felisimo: really can't see a THANG
[19:04]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: i canna see ya tredi i dont know
[19:04]  Jarrod Khandr: hello everyone!
[19:04]  Chester Dickens: lol..yeah
[19:06]  Chester Dickens: May I sit next to you Acu?
[19:06]  Tredi Felisimo: cute bunny Acu
[19:06]  Diamond Meness: ao on
[19:06]  Tredi Felisimo: awww Chester.. I didn't mean to run you off
[19:07]  Chester Dickens: May I?
[19:07]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: hi fatima!
[19:07]  Tredi Felisimo: better watch Spunkie and Knawnee
[19:07]  Tredi Felisimo: they look like they could be makin' a family
[19:07]  Acuminous Watanabe: Thanks! ㋡
[19:07]  Acuminous Watanabe: Tredi... one of my bestest SL friends gave it to me for my rez day :)))
[19:07]  Namaste Seale: Hello :)
[19:07]  Acuminous Watanabe: Sure Chester
[19:07]  Tredi Felisimo: awwww
[19:07]  Acuminous Watanabe: sorry, trying to rez here
[19:07]  Chester Dickens: hehehe
[19:08]  Tredi Felisimo: me too Acu
[19:08]  Tredi Felisimo: FINALLY can see!
[19:08]  Chester Dickens: Thank you Acu
[19:08]  Acuminous Watanabe smiles
[19:08]  Chester Dickens: hmm..something wrong with this couch
[19:09]  Tredi Felisimo: he's mellllllllting
[19:09]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: k guys im gonna start!
[19:09]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: Welcome to the Baobab Academy & Cultural Center.
[19:09]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: I appreciate you joining us for the SL/RL Relationships Discussion.
[19:09]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: Tonight we’ll explore relationships by examining the way technology helps an hinders a relationships growth and how we handle each effectively
[19:09]  Tredi Felisimo: yayyyy Wytch! :))
[19:09]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: For those of you who are new to our discussion WELCOME!
[19:09]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: You'll find that this is a wonderfully diverse group, and as such a variety of opinions, perceptions and personality styles keep these gatherings lively, entertaining, but most importantly informative.
[19:09]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: Our discussions are chat based so that a transcript is available for members who are unable to attend, please be aware that voice capabilities are not enabled.
[19:10]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: The discussions can get rather chatty, so just a few guidelines before we begin...
[19:10]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: This is meant to be a supportive forum where we are each able to learn from the experience of others...even if we don't agree...
[19:10]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: please be mindful of this and respond to other participants in a way we all can hear and be receptive.
[19:10]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: I'd also like to ask that you please conclude your comments/questions with **, so we are not confused about when you have finished speaking.
[19:10]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: We have had griefers in the past, so if you are being harassed in IM, please let one of the group Guide's know (wearing tags "Connection GUIDE or Connection PROTECTION) and they will handle them as fast as
[19:10]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: they can. :)
[19:10]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: Lastly I want to make everyone aware that this discussion is logged so that a transcript is available.
[19:10]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: If you want your comments anonymous, please let me know after the discussion and I'd be happy to do so.
[19:10]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: We typcally start topic focused discussions with me sharing my initial thoughts on the topic followed by a question to start our dialogue.
[19:10]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: I will talk/type for about 5-10 minutes (lag permitting), please let me know if I am moving through it too quickly and I'll slow down. :))
[19:10]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: Prior to beginning, however, I'll ask  if there are any general questions before we begin?**
[19:11]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: k
[19:11]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: Im going to tell you a true story ... once upon a time in a virtual world not so far away called Second Life
[19:11]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: A boy whom we shall call freddy an girl whom we shal call Eddie fell madly in love.
[19:11]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: Like many couples they had their good an bad periods.
[19:11]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: One day during one of their bad periods they were fighting an yelling at each other in chat.
[19:11]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: All of a sudden Freddie poofs!
[19:11]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: what would u think in this situation? what would you do? would u think the worst?
[19:11]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: what are the other alernatives? please discuss...**
[19:11]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: *
[19:11]  Tredi Felisimo: he crashed!!!**
[19:11]  Remington Pennyfeather: he is probably cheating on me. with another man.
[19:12]  Remington Pennyfeather: and he had to get on his female alt
[19:12]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: what would you do?
[19:12]  Tredi Felisimo: Yikes Remington!
[19:12]  Acuminous Watanabe: Hi Remington, how cute are you and Tren and Narse :))
[19:12]  Remington Pennyfeather: based in truth, I'm afraid...
[19:12]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: any thing is possible in sl**
[19:12]  Acuminous Watanabe: Glad you made it!
[19:12]  Jarrod Khandr: I think he/they misunderstood what was really being said as opposed to what was**
[19:13]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: what do u mean jarrod?
[19:13]  Jarrod Khandr: so much gets lost in the...type...
[19:13]  Michelangelo Barrowstone: if the context of the conversation was heated and negative, the poof could be taken as the equivalent of "hanging up the phone."
[19:13]  Jarrod Khandr: its very hard to show your real emotion
[19:13]  Tredi Felisimo: I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt.... hoping to blame technology.. but yes exactly Michelangelo!
[19:13]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: true michael
[19:13]  Acuminous Watanabe: I would probably think he was mad at first "poof" especially since we were arguing, but sometimes the grid can be fickle**
[19:13]  Tredi Felisimo: been hung up on before...**
[19:14]  Jarrod Khandr: one doesnt have the benifit of being actually face to face**
[19:14]  Remington Pennyfeather: maybe his mom pulled the plug out of the router on accident
[19:14]  Jarrod Khandr: lol
[19:14]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: lol
[19:14]  Perplexing Scribe: lol
[19:14]  Michelangelo Barrowstone: lol
[19:14]  Tredi Felisimo: lol
[19:14]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: u never know **
[19:14]  Acuminous Watanabe grins at Remington
[19:14]  Tredi Felisimo: accidentally on purpose?**
[19:14]  Chester Dickens: I think perhaps the anger got so bad that instead of making things worse he decided to not say anything at all and left.
[19:15]  Tredi Felisimo: fight or flight...
[19:15]  Acuminous Watanabe: Sometimes we are too quick to assume the technical problems are the same as a hang up or being ignored.**
[19:15]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: agreed acu**
[19:15]  Chester Dickens: I think it was on purpose
[19:16]  Acuminous Watanabe: what if it was on purpose and after we make up he tells me it was SL?!?!... that just occured to me**
[19:16]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: if it was un purpose what would u do?
[19:16]  Jarrod Khandr: I dont think we can really assess what the problem was until he came back...if he comes back...thats still unknown**
[19:16]  Diamond Meness: I would take it the way it would have been for me....I would think he just logged cuz he was tired of the arguing**
[19:16]  Tredi Felisimo: take several deep breaths**
[19:17]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: do you want to hear more?
[19:17]  Remington Pennyfeather: what was the fight about? we need context here
[19:17]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: More of the story...Eddie waited thinking he had crashed an would be back cause they had never ended a conversation so abruptly
[19:17]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: tho she had never upset him this much either... hours went by... then days she was truely worried it was over
[19:17]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: that she'd never see him again. They had no other form of communication than the internet they had not exchanged phone #'s,
[19:17]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: she did not know any of his family, she didnt know his mailing address, so many things they hadnt thought of...
[19:17]  Perplexing Scribe: I tend to think sometimes it is best when emotions are high. Think on it. Things always look different in hind sight.
[19:17]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: Can u think of other forms of communication i may have missed? please discuss...**
[19:17]  Diamond Meness: MSN messenger
[19:17]  Diamond Meness: Skype
[19:17]  Remington Pennyfeather: nonverbal communication. social cues
[19:18]  Tredi Felisimo: ohhhhh Wytch! Now I'd start to panic he'd died!
[19:18]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: agree perplexing**
[19:18]  Narse Miranda: paid people search services, private detectives
[19:18]  Remington Pennyfeather: passenger pigeons. smoke signals
[19:18]  Remington Pennyfeather: psychic links.
[19:18]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: lol funny u mention smoke signals**
[19:18]  Remington Pennyfeather: I dont think they tried hard enough
[19:18]  Diamond Meness: email
[19:18]  Kellie Lockwood: hi all
[19:18]  Cj Melgund: salt where are u my love?
[19:18]  Tren Neva: wishing really hard that you are communicating with ESP
[19:18]  Kellie Lockwood: rez rez rez
[19:18]  Acuminous Watanabe: I would too Wytch... I've actually thought about that... how would I insure my SL family and friends were ntified in the event of my death....**
[19:18]  Tredi Felisimo: Hi Kellie
[19:18]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: welcome kelly**
[19:18]  Cj Melgund: hello everybody
[19:18]  Kellie Lockwood: I am here pepper
[19:18]  Diamond Meness: there is no excuse u cant contact someone these days if you are in the position to**
[19:18]  Kellie Lockwood: its kellie, thanks
[19:18]  Cj Melgund: ok there u are
[19:19]  Remington Pennyfeather: they could always meet on the Astral Plane. it's easy, I've done it
[19:19]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: its possible if u dont know that he may have died**
[19:19]  Kellie Lockwood: can someone please fill me in on the discussion, I was late due to a church event irl
[19:19]  Acuminous Watanabe: Welcome CJ and everyone else who has dropped in :))**
[19:19]  Chester Dickens: That can happen also..sometime terrible a heart attack from the stress of the never know..I would begin to worry also.*
[19:19]  Cj Melgund: thank you so much
[19:19]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: its easy to worry when there is no communication**
[19:19]  Acuminous Watanabe: after DAYS?!?! thats pretty unusual**
[19:20]  Tredi Felisimo: I recently had this very conversation with one of my dearest SL friends ;-) Have given one of my family members the names and numbers of two of the most important poeple in my SL who would be able to let the right people know if I was "gone"**
[19:20]  Remington Pennyfeather: maybe Freddie never existed and it was the time when Eddie's drugs kicked in
[19:20]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: days went by**
[19:20]  Diamond Meness: Well the real question did they fall all in love if their only communication has been through Second Life.**
[19:20]  Kellie Lockwood: I can talk about this
[19:20]  Diamond Meness: Sounds questionable to me
[19:20]  Kellie Lockwood: pepper and I started talking
[19:20]  Kellie Lockwood: but its more than that.. you feel each others emotions
[19:20]  Acuminous Watanabe: Remington...
[19:20]  Cj Melgund: yes Salt
[19:20]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: well diamond souls can fall in love quite easily in sl**
[19:20]  Cj Melgund: Salt is my soul mate
[19:20]  Chester Dickens: I know of a case personally where he man when to the store..and never came back for other other think the worse..and begin to greive.
[19:20]  Kellie Lockwood: exactly.. souls can find mates
[19:21]  Cj Melgund: like us salty
[19:21]  Cj Melgund: it was love at 1st IM
[19:21]  Kellie Lockwood: yes baby .. :) I am so happy now
[19:21]  Cj Melgund: oh so am i, i didnt think it was possible 2 be this happy
[19:21]  Kellie Lockwood: I cant believe people think you cant find love on SL
[19:21]  Remington Pennyfeather: me too :)
[19:21]  Cj Melgund: i no, its insane
[19:21]  Remington Pennyfeather: I don't think it's possible, sorry.
[19:21]  Acuminous Watanabe: How would you notify KEllie if you lost connection online CJ?
[19:21]  Remington Pennyfeather: there's way too much in a real relationship
[19:21]  Kellie Lockwood: you havent met pepper then reminton
[19:21]  Remington Pennyfeather: that you can't get in SL
[19:22]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: love is a ninja rem**
[19:22]  Cj Melgund: but it is Remington, u havnt found the rite ava yet
[19:22]  Kellie Lockwood: like?
[19:22]  Kellie Lockwood: yeah its all about the right avitar
[19:22]  Remington Pennyfeather: I found the right "ava" but she's in real life and we dont need poseballs IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!
[19:22]  Nedaija Kytori: i thin if sl is ur only source of communication and you know nothing else about the person you are in love with the avi...not the person
[19:22]  Cj Melgund: my salty here is the sexiest ava iv ever laid eyes on
[19:22]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: more importantly the person bhind the avatar**
[19:22]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: the soul**
[19:22]  Remington Pennyfeather: do you know how she is in real life? how they act when not on the computer? who they really are?
[19:23]  Kellie Lockwood: oh I dont care about the person.. just the booty
[19:23]  Cj Melgund: i feel a connection with Kellie, everytime our ava's make lesbian love
[19:23]  Kellie Lockwood: its more sexual in SL then anything
[19:23]  Tredi Felisimo: great point Nedaija
[19:23]  Diamond Meness: If I lost connection with Jarrod...and I did on Dec. 24th. *sad*.. I could call him, write him, hell...go to his house if i needed his i would find a way! believe that!
[19:23]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: that comes with time rem**
[19:23]  Kellie Lockwood: have you reconnected with him
[19:23]  Cj Melgund: oh yes, its amazing and we use voice aswell, so its an amazing experience
[19:23]  Perplexing Scribe: I do know it is possible to fall in love in SL but I agree with Neda if SL is the only form of communication you have to question if it is the avi or the person one is in love with**
[19:23]  Kellie Lockwood: oh voice it amazing
[19:24]  Cj Melgund: mmmm yes
[19:24]  Nedaija Kytori: i have a connection with many people on sl...doesnt mean i love them
[19:24]  Chester Dickens: Love in SL can be deeper then RL because of that missing information which is supplied by the person's own imaginations and identify with that part of yourself also..that loved. The relationship is not only with the other person..but what is between the two..
[19:24]  Narse Miranda: maybe people should begin to be more proactive with asking for eachother's RL contact details earlier in the relationship!
[19:24]  Jarrod Khandr: yes she reconnected...I called her from my front yard while my house was burning down
[19:24]  Diamond Meness: :(
[19:24]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: good point narse!**
[19:24]  Kellie Lockwood: I hate when people stereotype me
[19:24]  Kellie Lockwood: who is saying I am griefing?
[19:24]  Remington Pennyfeather: it's important to ask the right questions, like "are you really a woman?"
[19:24]  Kellie Lockwood: say to to my face please, lets talk like adults
[19:24]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: what about video an voice u learn more that way too!**
[19:24]  Tredi Felisimo: OMG!!!!!
[19:24]  Tredi Felisimo: OMG!! Jarrod!
[19:24]  Cj Melgund: yes same, i am not griefing
[19:24]  Tredi Felisimo: at Christmas!!!?!?!
[19:25]  Jarrod Khandr: yes
[19:25]  Kellie Lockwood: I am offended
[19:25]  Cj Melgund: lesbians can find eachother on sl aswell
[19:25]  Cj Melgund: me 2 salty
[19:25]  Kellie Lockwood: we just cant get partnered under SL law
[19:25]  Jarrod Khandr: yet Diamond and I stayed in touch each and everyday
[19:25]  Diamond Meness: *nods*
[19:25]  Nedaija Kytori: when u are "inlove with sum1" and u dont know them its called infatuation
[19:25]  Cj Melgund: oh wow Jarrod
[19:25]  Kellie Lockwood: we do too
[19:25]  Kellie Lockwood: I am on the phone with her now
[19:25]  Chester Dickens: Voice is a way of given and recieving much more information then text...for example..a sarcastic phrase might be taken as a statement of fact.
[19:25]  Cj Melgund: yes, we call eachother all the time
[19:25]  Cj Melgund: i agree chester
[19:25]  Remington Pennyfeather: there is so much more involved with visual cues though
[19:25]  Nedaija Kytori: i think this is why many relationships is tossed around like panties
[19:26]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: u get to know peoplw e as u spend time together**
[19:26]  Kellie Lockwood: me too chest
[19:26]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: agreed chestr**
[19:26]  Remington Pennyfeather: and online, you are able to put your best self forward. people think this is geting a glimpse of a person's "true self" but really it's just an idealized version
[19:26]  Jarrod Khandr: excellent point Nedaija! **
[19:26]  Remington Pennyfeather: plus with the whole avatar thing you get a whole nother can of worms
[19:26]  Kellie Lockwood: I feel bad for people who cant fall in love here
[19:26]  Chester Dickens: In just don't know how to take things said. So much confusion and misunderstand will occur.
[19:26]  Narse Miranda: you can't mime over the phone, but oddly enough you can mime in an SL relationship!
[19:26]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: rem u can do that while dating in RL too**
[19:27]  Remington Pennyfeather: [19:26] Acuminous Watanabe: GREAT feedback :)) Thanks
[19:27]  Remington Pennyfeather: see!
[19:27]  Cj Melgund: i didnt ever expect 2 fall in love on a game but it does happen and its a truely wonderful experience
[19:27]  Remington Pennyfeather: I'm doin good!
[19:27]  Kellie Lockwood: I look exactly like my avi
[19:27]  Nedaija Kytori: i met my rl husband online and i was infatuation with his online personality...but i fell in love with him....and i hate his snoring
[19:27]  Remington Pennyfeather: I do too ;)
[19:27]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: u r lol **
[19:27]  Cj Melgund: i came out as being gay on sl
[19:27]  Cj Melgund: it helped me
[19:27]  Kellie Lockwood: all men snore, thats why I love pepper
[19:27]  Remington Pennyfeather: have you two met in real life?
[19:27]  Diamond Meness: no no Remington...the personality comes through....if u are with someone long get to know them...their personality will come through...I know of two people that tried to switch alts on me..and only reading their profile..or observing them ..i KNEW exactly who there were..and call them out...and i was right one the money**
[19:27]  Cj Melgund: yes men and dicks are just no good
[19:27]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: lol @ snoring**
[19:27]  Kellie Lockwood: I was gay before SL, but I am glad I pulled you out of the closet sweetie
[19:28]  Chester Dickens: I would recomend Voice over text in cases of a love relationship...the love will have a better quality. and produce a more intimate closeness.
[19:28]  Cj Melgund giggles
[19:28]  Remington Pennyfeather: no. it isn't their real personality, it's the personality they put forward online, which is more than often an idealized and exaggerated version of themselves
[19:28]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: agreed chester**
[19:28]  Nedaija Kytori: im all for any method fo finding love....
[19:28]  Cj Melgund: i am myself 110% on sl
[19:28]  Nedaija Kytori: just be carful
[19:28]  Cj Melgund: what you get on here is what i am like in real life
[19:28]  Diamond Meness: can only fake it for so long Remington before u are found out**
[19:28]  Acuminous Watanabe: The topic is communication though CJ... how has being online and comming out helped you in communicating with others.. in SL or RL or both! **
[19:28]  Diamond Meness: all dirt comes out in the wash.
[19:28]  Diamond Meness: always!
[19:28]  Nedaija Kytori: i agree diamond....
[19:28]  Diamond Meness: my nana taought me that!**
[19:28]  Cj Melgund: both
[19:28]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: thats an intresting perspective rem can u explain why u feel that is the only possible outcome?**
[19:29]  Kellie Lockwood: I think that honestly .. SL should allow more than one partner
[19:29]  Cj Melgund: i was too shy in real life but talking on sl 2 fellow lesbians has made me proud of who i am
[19:29]  Kellie Lockwood: because I am in love with flac and pepper
[19:29]  Jarrod Khandr: wow!
[19:29]  Kellie Lockwood: I want two people in my profile
[19:29]  Nedaija Kytori: QQN
[19:29]  Nedaija Kytori: QQN
[19:29]  Nedaija Kytori: lmao
[19:29]  Cj Melgund: i have my best friend lyra as my partner
[19:29]  Cj Melgund: yes me 2
[19:29]  Nedaija Kytori: i refuse to partner
[19:29]  Cj Melgund: Nedaija why are u laughing
[19:29]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: have u suggested it to LL kellie?**
[19:29]  Kellie Lockwood: why because you hate love?
[19:29]  Cj Melgund: you must be a free soul then
[19:29]  Cj Melgund: dont hate love
[19:29]  Cj Melgund: talk 2 people
[19:29]  Remington Pennyfeather: because it's the internet. you can be anything you want, so most people try to be what they want to be
[19:29]  Cj Melgund: get 2 no them
[19:30]  Diamond Meness: the partner box mean so many things to so many people. People partner their best friend, their mom or
[19:30]  Nedaija Kytori: oh i love love....
[19:30]  Cj Melgund: you 2 can fall in love
[19:30]  Kellie Lockwood: yes, I have proposed it to LL.. they said fags like me cant love more than one person
[19:30]  Acuminous Watanabe: I'm recieving several IMs about griefing... please remember to MUTE if you feel offended by participants
[19:30]  Kellie Lockwood: and I am going to burn in hell
[19:30]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: do u guys want to hear the rest of the story?**
[19:30]  Kellie Lockwood: who is complaining? obviously a coward.. IM please if you have issues
[19:30]  Remington Pennyfeather: yes
[19:30]  Jarrod Khandr: yes please
[19:30]  Cj Melgund: i think all fags like us huni should be allowed 2 marry on sl and 2 have several partners
[19:30]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: u cvan also turn down sounds**
[19:30]  Acuminous Watanabe: Yes Wytch lets move on...**
[19:30]  Cj Melgund shouts: equal rights all the way
[19:30]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: *
[19:30]  Tredi Felisimo: yes Wytch
[19:30]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: After days of uncertanty an doubt, with emotions riding a rollercoaster of expression, Freddy returned
[19:30]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: His service provider went down, he was in agony for days, just like she was, thinking she would never want to see him again...
[19:30]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: Upon reuniting they discussed the misunderstandings an doubt the malfunctioning technology had caused within their relationship
[19:31]  Kellie Lockwood: spam
[19:31]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: and after 2 yrs are still together today i am happy to say! But only cause they didnt let the worst over come them
[19:31]  Kellie Lockwood: annoying
[19:31]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: They didnt ASSume or if they did they spoke to friends who dispelled their assumptions.
[19:31]  Chester Dickens: I have love relationships .some are friends..and some are lovers..At this time I have Two lovers.
[19:31]  Nedaija Kytori: if ur gonna have more than one...why call it partnering????
[19:31]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: They beleived in their love an each other an ultimately overcame something that may have destroyed a weaker relationship.
[19:31]  Windows Bhalti: pls slow down
[19:31]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: Technology is buggy and you need to compensate for that in your relationships.
[19:31]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: make sure you have various avenues of communication not just online, or phone or smoke signals cause cause sometimes it rains an you cant start wet wood.
[19:31]  Kellie Lockwood: what else would you call it
[19:31]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: *
[19:31]  Kellie Lockwood: casual enounters?
[19:31]  Nedaija Kytori: call it nothing
[19:31]  Nedaija Kytori: just do what u do
[19:31]  Diamond Meness: nice
[19:31]  Kellie Lockwood: why are you negative?
[19:31]  Diamond Meness: lol
[19:31]  Cj Melgund: im sorry i dont mean 2 offened anyone hear by my language, i refer to myself as a fag, i am proud of it, sorry again
[19:31]  Chester Dickens: It's very possible to love more then one...easily in SL...each one you love has a different quality that attracts you.
[19:32]  Nedaija Kytori: im not negative....
[19:32]  You decline Rising Phoenix, Main from A group member named Truli Lionheart.
[19:32]  Perplexing Scribe: That is good advice Wytch and the story is a good example**
[19:32]  Kellie Lockwood: yeah in SL, we have to be open about the word fag. We have encountered lots of hatred
[19:32]  Nedaija Kytori: im just trying to get the point
[19:32]  Kellie Lockwood: everyone thinks we are griefers and hate us for no reason
[19:32]  Kellie Lockwood: its been hard
[19:32]  Cj Melgund: yes, i dont like people picking on me coz of the way my ava looks
[19:32]  Tredi Felisimo: what wonderful advice Wytch**
[19:32]  Kellie Lockwood: you are fat CJ
[19:32]  Cj Melgund: and being gay is nothing 2 be ashmaed of
[19:33]  Tren Neva: what you do in bed is griefing
[19:33]  Cj Melgund: yes and i love the way my ava looks as do u kellie, its not all at face value, u no me as a person
[19:33]  Kellie Lockwood: huh tren?
[19:33]  Acuminous Watanabe: LOL
[19:33]  Acuminous Watanabe: Wet wood Wytch?!?! (chuckles)
[19:33]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: this a supportive discussion while sharing your opinions please try an b considerate to what others may find offensive **
[19:33]  Cj Melgund: that a new lesbian move?
[19:33]  Tredi Felisimo: LOL ACU!!!!
[19:33]  Perplexing Scribe: The time to realize you have no way to get in touch with one another is not during a heated argumetn :)**
[19:33]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: well yeah hence the smoke signals**
[19:33]  Kellie Lockwood: people in here have labeled me as a griefer fag already.. and dont even have guts to say it to my face
[19:33]  Remington Pennyfeather: all would be solved if they got off the computer and people in the real life!
[19:33]  Remington Pennyfeather: it's a lot easier, I promise
[19:34]  Cj Melgund: just because we're lesbians and im butch doenst mean we are griefers
[19:34]  Cj Melgund: im sorry but im hurt now
[19:34]  Diamond Meness: It's possible to love more than one person, it's the level of that love that puts it in perspective. I love Jarrod....but I also have love for my ex. I love him in the sense that I would be devistated if something ever happened to love...never leaves. And althought my Jarrod is my true love...and no one comes before him, I cant dismiss the action of LOVE merely because my ex was an love strong.
[19:34]  Kellie Lockwood: the people at walmart are not my style
[19:34]  Diamond Meness: **
[19:34]  Narse Miranda: try to imagine your first life as if it were second life!
[19:34]  Tredi Felisimo: Perhaps Kellie and Cj, if you'd discuss the topic, it would help**
[19:34]  Kellie Lockwood: why are you logged in then?
[19:34]  Kellie Lockwood: if you love rl sooooo much
[19:34]  Jarrod Khandr raises both hand and yells...time out...lets get back on topic please!
[19:34]  Remington Pennyfeather: personally, I imagine my life as an RPG. I level up daily and my CHA is through the roof!!
[19:34]  Nedaija Kytori: i agree cj......but i dont wear a flag that say im "str8" i dont see where ur sexual pref in significant....
[19:35]  Nedaija Kytori: is**
[19:35]  Chester Dickens: One thing about a love relationship is that the sexual nature is activated....this does not produce jealous or possessiveness as long as it is casual..But once the heart becomes involved..then extreme wild emotions becomes very possessive and jealous. Emotional love happens.*
[19:35]  Diamond Meness: Kelly...really...yall are disrupting the chat...we arent here to hear u two fight back and forth
[19:35]  Tredi Felisimo: Jarrod... just mute them**
[19:35]  FatimaO Ochl wonders why you all dont just mute her
[19:35]  Jarrod Khandr: done
[19:35]  Remington Pennyfeather: that is when people get attached to pixels and words on a screen
[19:35]  Remington Pennyfeather: it's all an illuuuusion!
[19:36]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: have any of you had simular stories you would like to share**
[19:36]  Aphrodite Rau: hello everyone
[19:36]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: welcome aphroditie
[19:36]  Diamond Meness: Remington...if u meet someone on second life..and then exchange numbers and call and talk to it still a pixel?
[19:36]  Remington Pennyfeather: yes.
[19:36]  Midnight Gregory: sorry..i'm lost..who are we muting?
[19:36]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: good point diamond**
[19:36]  Chester Dickens: It does not matter if it is an illusion or fantasty...the mind and heart will still react the same as if it was Real.
[19:36]  Diamond Meness: u have just taken the relationship to a nother level by revealing your real number and name to them
[19:36]  Michelangelo Barrowstone: many often wonder, how do people develop such intense interractions strickly through the written word - via texting in virtual environments... this makes me think back to the Victorian era during the height of 'letter writing' and the expression of emotion - heavily and strictly through the written word.
[19:36]  Diamond Meness: and i'm not a pixel on the phone
[19:36]  Jarrod Khandr: well we shared ours, but we had the benefit of knowing each other for years, so contacting was not a problem for us
[19:36]  Acuminous Watanabe: They're gone Midnight
[19:37]  Remington Pennyfeather: but you shouldn't give out your phone number to internet people. I did that once and had this 16 year old nerd with a funny voice calling my phone everyday
[19:37]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: emotions r real regarless people cant disconnect their emotions too easily**
[19:37]  Diamond Meness: u are basing everyone's experience on your bad experience?
[19:37]  Diamond Meness: seems that way to me.
[19:37]  Nedaija Kytori: i recently just got rid of a sl cyber stalker who put my rl pic on his profile....
[19:37]  Chester Dickens: It's very dangerous to give out your RL it of children or adults.
[19:37]  Remington Pennyfeather: also, i once knew this person who played as a sexy demon tempress. we weren't in a relationship, but friends, sort of. then I met them in real life and they were a 250 lb man who wanted to do his laundry at my friend's house
[19:38]  Nedaija Kytori: right chester
[19:38]  Acuminous Watanabe: WOW!
[19:38]  Acuminous Watanabe: Nedaija, thats unfortunate**
[19:38]  Diamond Meness: people who have or had bad experiences on line tend to be negative about online meeting and relationship**
[19:38]  Remington Pennyfeather: his name is Melding Zorger. everyone IM him.
[19:38]  Acuminous Watanabe: Hi Kinu welcome
[19:38]  Nedaija Kytori: i have to threaten to contact linden
[19:38]  Diamond Meness: that....was not right Remington
[19:38]  Perplexing Scribe: I happen to know someone who met their real life spouse in SL. Love in SL is possible**
[19:38]  Kinu Unplugged: helo
[19:38]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: many connect thro various mediums to ensure the peeps they r connecting with are consistent tru all of them forums etc**
[19:38]  Tredi Felisimo: there are ways to develop trust, I think... just as we do in RL as we give out more information about ourselves**
[19:38]  Chester Dickens: How is that Tredi?
[19:39]  Nedaija Kytori: but perp that means they have met...and did the nasty w/o pose balls
[19:39]  Perplexing Scribe: Right Tredi trust needs to be earned with time**
[19:39]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: so how can we develop trust in this enviroment?**
[19:39]  FatimaO Ochl: You hav eto know people a while to trust...dont give your phone # right away...wait**
[19:39]  Diamond Meness: If u can prove to me NO relationships ever succeed that start on SL and in turn prove to me that all relationships that meet outside of SL do survive..then I will belive you.
[19:39]  Diamond Meness: **
[19:40]  Perplexing Scribe: Neda yes they met after being together off and on in SL for nine months**
[19:40]  Jarrod Khandr: trust comes with time...SL or RL **
[19:40]  Acuminous Watanabe: Itneresting point Diamond**
[19:40]  Acuminous Watanabe: interesting
[19:40]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: how is trust earned?**
[19:40]  Tredi Felisimo: Trust is earned over time... sometimes requiring a leap of faith
[19:40]  Nedaija Kytori: right more in reference to those to live 2999999999 miles away ...never heard a voice....maybe knows a 1st name......dont have a number
[19:40]  Jarrod Khandr: trust is earned by an aquired knowledge of the person you are dealing with
[19:40]  Diamond Meness: and let's face it....the divorce rate in this country is outrageous...and i can bet 95 percent of them didnt meet on Second what's their excuse?
[19:41]  Nedaija Kytori: an email adress....but........they are in love
[19:41]  Diamond Meness: **
[19:41]  Jarrod Khandr: good point baby
[19:41]  Jarrod Khandr: **
[19:41]  Chester Dickens: and if that leap of faith has been spoiled by deceptions which have been found out..then how can trust come?
[19:41]  Tredi Felisimo: YES Diamond!
[19:41]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: so how much time has to pass b4 u trust someone?**
[19:41]  Perplexing Scribe: Right trust is earned when one has invested time in a relationship and not let the other down**
[19:42]  Tredi Felisimo: It has to be earned Chester. Actually, I start out with trust, then you and either build on it or lose it**
[19:42]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: people make mistakes can they b forgiven?**
[19:42]  Diamond Meness: yes Wytch
[19:42]  Diamond Meness: all mistakes can be forgiven
[19:42]  Jarrod Khandr: the time is dependant upon the individuals involved
[19:42]  Tredi Felisimo agrees with Wytch
[19:42]  Nedaija Kytori: its more about what they do....not a time limit
[19:42]  Perplexing Scribe: I think that it has alot to do with how much time people spend together**
[19:42]  Nedaija Kytori: correct jerrod
[19:42]  Jarrod Khandr: some trust too quickly, some take too long to trust**
[19:42]  Tredi Felisimo: luck of the draw too Perplexing!
[19:42]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: what about communication how does it play into trust?**
[19:43]  Chester Dickens: That is the best question Wytch*
[19:43]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: ty chester :)**
[19:43]  Tredi Felisimo: I think, if you have a question, you have to ASK it... not let it sit and fester**
[19:43]  Jarrod Khandr: the more you actually communicate the more likely you are to be trusting (ex Communications Sergeant)
[19:43]  Diamond Meness: lol...I laugh at all the women who have approached my husband on this if he has a contracted job to do..and most ...98 percent of his clients are have complete trust ..i'll go to sleep and not have a care in the world**
[19:44]  Acuminous Watanabe: In SL that's a tricy one, since words can be interpreted so many ways... and we are all invested in our perceptions... what we beleive is true about the other person behind the screen. I think CIVILITY is vital in SL... to address the issues without ATTACKING the person**
[19:44]  FatimaO Ochl: If you ask you also have to be willing to hear what s said versus what you just want to hear**
[19:44]  Perplexing Scribe: Oh Wytch that is a good question. Healthy communication is the key. Honesty and vulnerability are important**
[19:44]  Acuminous Watanabe: tricky*
[19:44]  Jarrod Khandr: good point Fatima
[19:44]  Tredi Felisimo nods at FatimaO
[19:45]  Windows Bhalti: i trust everyone initially until/unless they break that trust via their own violation...and why not? we are all human beings deserving of trust unless, as i say, reason is given not to. Trust is different than commonsense, tho, and the necessity to keep one's self safe.
[19:45]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: what do u do if one of the partners is less comfortable with communication how can u help them?**
[19:45]  Tredi Felisimo: great point Windows**
[19:45]  Perplexing Scribe: Good point Windows**
[19:46]  Acuminous Watanabe: That's great Windows... very loving :))**
[19:46]  Tredi Felisimo: bring them to this discussion, Wytch??**
[19:46]  Diamond Meness: funny thing is...and maybe not so that I do believe a relationship can survive cheating....when you are cheated on....does that mean you dont love that person any less than 4 mins before you found out?...Not at all...that's why you are so hurt.
[19:46]  Acuminous Watanabe: LOL
[19:46]  Acuminous Watanabe: Tredi... YEAH!
[19:46]  Windows Bhalti: *grins
[19:46]  Jarrod Khandr: well Wytch, I feel that is called a barrier to communication, and we have to overcome those barriers...if we so choose to**
[19:46]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: lol tredi**
[19:46]  Chester Dickens: It's very hard for people to be completely honest...there are fears with that. The fear that of not being accepted or the lossing of that relationship. So truth is often buffered.
[19:46]  Acuminous Watanabe: I think being open to LISTENING, even if you don't agree is a good start Wytch.**
[19:47]  Windows Bhalti: that's true, Chester
[19:47]  FatimaO Ochl: agreed Chester and today so many people will not even be truthful with themselves much less a partner**
[19:47]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: any ideas how to over come communication barriers?**
[19:47]  Aphrodite Rau: if you are honest, How do u expect others to be?
[19:47]  Acuminous Watanabe: MUTE
[19:47]  Acuminous Watanabe: just kidding
[19:47]  Perplexing Scribe: lol
[19:47]  Jarrod Khandr: lol
[19:47]  Diamond Meness: lol...I just say..." Let's diagree"
[19:47]  Diamond Meness: disagree
[19:47]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: lol that is a comptomise diamond an its a good one **
[19:48]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: compromise**
[19:48]  Jarrod Khandr: someone pointed out LISTENING...even if you dont agree, thats one step in the right direction
[19:48]  Tredi Felisimo: just can't give up on them Wytch... if you really love them**
[19:48]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: agreed tredi**
[19:48]  Perplexing Scribe: There are alot of good tools to learn communication, books, classes, counseling, groups like this :)**
[19:48]  Nedaija Kytori: i met a guy online and when i asked for a pic he sent me one of his nephew...when i met him he was 350+lbs......i was pissed and i showed it......should ihave been less obvious???
[19:48]  Chester Dickens: agreed Tredi***
[19:48]  Acuminous Watanabe: You also have to know when to walk away Tredi... when it is healthier to be apart**
[19:48]  Tredi Felisimo agrees with Acu
[19:49]  Diamond Meness: wow Nedaija....
[19:49]  Diamond Meness: I dont even know how to respond to that
[19:49]  Jarrod Khandr: lol
[19:49]  Perplexing Scribe: Agreed Acuminous, unfortunatley sometimes love is not enough**
[19:49]  Acuminous Watanabe: You were devieved Nedaija, I think most would be upset/frustrated**
[19:49]  Acuminous Watanabe: decieved*
[19:49]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: everyone needs cave person time telling your partner so the dont feel rejected is important**
[19:49]  Jarrod Khandr: and there goes the trust levele
[19:49]  Diamond Meness: love is never enough
[19:50]  Nedaija Kytori: agreed
[19:50]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: they**
[19:50]  Tee Auster: maybe our expectations for love are not realistic
[19:50]  Nedaija Kytori: awww dont say that tee
[19:50]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: expectations can b changed an each relationship is diffrent**
[19:50]  Perplexing Scribe: It takes two working at, if one has no desire to learn to communicate better it is best to cut your losses love cannot survive when communication completely breaks down**
[19:50]  Acuminous Watanabe: How so Tee?
[19:50]  Chester Dickens: You can love more then ONE. and that is problem with many. The relationship may have begun of the exclusiveness of that relationship...and then since it is so easy to fall in love in SL. You find yourself loving others. And you don't want to loose either.
[19:50]  Jarrod Khandr: then we have to define realistic...and there are about a few million answers to that**
[19:50]  Diamond Meness: one must accept everything about a person....his faults and his dislikes.....problem is....we always trying to fix someone into our 'fantasy' of what we want them to be...and instead..not accepting them for who they are...faults and all.
[19:50]  Diamond Meness: **
[19:50]  Tee Auster: Sometimes I feel like I want to be in a Disney movie
[19:51]  FatimaO Ochl: expectations can bee too ideal. I agree with Tee
[19:51]  FatimaO Ochl: relationships are messy and thats ok**
[19:51]  Perplexing Scribe: Tee Hee Tee
[19:51]  FatimaO Ochl: and normal**
[19:51]  Nedaija Kytori: my gf warned me about honeymoon period.....i dont believe in that bs.....i belivee love can be strong in a relationship always....ur relationship and love will be what u strive it to be
[19:51]  Tee Auster: ;)
[19:51]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: should we expect things from others we r not willing to do ourselves?**
[19:51]  Acuminous Watanabe: A perfect relationship in a perfect world where we never argue, the sex is always good and we are both always beautiful... right Tee?**
[19:51]  Diamond Meness: no Wytch
[19:52]  Tee Auster: yes, sounds like sl to me
[19:52]  Perplexing Scribe: lol
[19:52]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: thats were great make up sex comes in acu **
[19:52]  Acuminous Watanabe: another way of looking at it is perhaps we can never have perfections, but maybe wanting it will bring us closer to excellence?**
[19:52]  Chester Dickens: NO Wytch* should not expect that of another which you can not do yourself**
[19:52]  Acuminous Watanabe: perfection*
[19:52]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: i agree chester**
[19:52]  Nedaija Kytori: put is prefection the same as flawless?
[19:53]  Tee Auster: good one Chester
[19:53]  Acuminous Watanabe: Lowering standards is never a good thing, but being realistic and able to accept the limitations of our humaness will bring you more happines and less disappointment**
[19:53]  Diamond Meness: just accept them for who they are...faults and all....and that's the problem....we dont take the time to get to know a person's's never shown in the we fall in 'love' with that perfect person and then a week later, when they are comfortable u get mad cuz they leave the dirty dishes in the sink...or they throw their dirty socks in with the clean clothes!! **
[19:53]  Tredi Felisimo: Do as I say, not as I do?** oy!
[19:53]  Chester Dickens: I have Two Lovers now..both know it..we are perfectly honest about. and there is NO problem.
[19:54]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: what do we consider the small stuff what are the priorities in our relationships?**
[19:54]  Tredi Felisimo: I just hear you can't PARTNER with them both Chester
[19:54]  Chester Dickens: The communication and honesty was there...and accepted.
[19:54]  Nedaija Kytori: toilet seat up is small
[19:54]  FatimaO Ochl: hmmmm
[19:54]  Chester Dickens: no partnership..Lovers.
[19:54]  Jarrod Khandr: so who if anyone gets partnered?
[19:54]  Acuminous Watanabe: I think honesty helps Chester, it allows everyone to make an edcated choice about whether tehy want the relationship or not under those conditions... not the same when honesty is not present**
[19:54]  Jarrod Khandr: or is it agreed that one comes before the other?
[19:54]  Diamond Meness: priorities in my relationship is...acceptance
[19:54]  Diamond Meness: once u have that
[19:54]  Diamond Meness: everything else falls in place
[19:54]  Perplexing Scribe: Perfection does not exist, we are meant to grow and evolve. Perfection leaves us always striving for something unatainable and always frustrated. We need to love our imperfections in both ourselves and our loved ones**
[19:54]  Jarrod Khandr: all natural questions that spark emotions
[19:54]  Acuminous Watanabe: sounds like good commnication though**
[19:55]  Acuminous Watanabe: I agree Perplexing**
[19:55]  Diamond Meness: I accept his faults...he accept it's his faults that i love the most!..gigglin
[19:55]  Chester Dickens: Now.I have thoughts on love many is like a pond that is wide but shallow..and to love one is like pond that is small but deep. So you have a choice. In which way you love.
[19:55]  Jarrod Khandr: lol, gee thanks baby ;)
[19:55]  Acuminous Watanabe: that's a beautiful thing Diamond**
[19:56]  Perplexing Scribe: Wow Chester that is profound!
[19:56]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: someones flaws are anothers diamond**
[19:56]  Acuminous Watanabe: Interesting perspective Chester :))**
[19:56]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: i agree chester everyone loves diffrently**
[19:56]  Chester Dickens: For the deepest love....ONE to ONE
[19:56]  Diamond Meness: i personally cant be in a relationship with more than one person.....but that works for dont question it....**
[19:57]  Diamond Meness: just isnt for me
[19:57]  Nedaija Kytori: agreed
[19:57]  Tee Auster: I am a serial monogmyst
[19:57]  Acuminous Watanabe: jarrod's daimond
[19:57]  Jarrod Khandr: thats right!!
[19:57]  Jarrod Khandr: thats mine!
[19:57]  Acuminous Watanabe: diamond... I'll spell it right one week (LOL)
[19:57]  Diamond Meness: lol
[19:57]  Perplexing Scribe: I agree Diamond. I think it is a personal choice, Just best to hook up with someone else who agrees :)**
[19:57]  FatimaO Ochl: I do wonder though whether those that choose to be in a relationship where they are not primary are truthful about saying it doesnt matter**
[19:57]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: what have you learned from this discussion today?**
[19:57]  Chester Dickens: well many are afraid of deep is full of wildness...the joys are greater..and also the pain
[19:57]  Acuminous Watanabe: Hi erica, welcome
[19:58]  Acuminous Watanabe: I have learned to be quicker on the trigger finger
[19:58]  Acuminous Watanabe: LOL
[19:58]  Diamond Meness: it's unbelieveable...i learned that people still try to change people. biggest mistake in the world when it comes to a relationship.
[19:58]  Erica Static: Thank you :)
[19:58]  Acuminous Watanabe: sorry, you all know I hate to eject.. I love everyone...(winks)**
[19:58]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: just think on that im gonna wrap up**
[19:58]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: If you would like to join the SL/RL Relationships Group, please IM and I'd be happy to send you an invite.
[19:58]  Nedaija Kytori: i think if people were dedicated to their principles instead of their mate many relationships would last
[19:58]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: If you are maxxed, you may join via the kiosk behind me and your membership will not affect your 25 group limit.
[19:58]  Perplexing Scribe: Yes Chester they are two sides of the same coin.**
[19:58]  Tee Auster: Agree w/ Diamond
[19:58]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: You might also join our webgroup at the regular "SL/RL Synthesis Notes" are posted there as well for comment/discussion.
[19:58]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: If you have not done so already, please touch the sign behind me to recieve information about our group, The Delphi (self exploration) Project and a freebie! :))
[19:59]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: I'd like to remind you all that the discussions are logged so a transcript is available for members. It will also be posted to the webgroup.
[19:59]  FatimaO Ochl: ((LOL finally Acu!!))
[19:59]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: If you would like your comments made anonymous, please IM me and I'd be happy to do so. :))
[19:59]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: If any of you have things you'd like to discuss more privately, I am available for private consultation, IM me to schedule a time. These consultations are provided for a donation to continue to support the
[19:59]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: group mission.
[19:59]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: If you have an IM in queue, please know that I am coming around as quickly as I can.
[19:59]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: Thanks so much for coming!!!!
[19:59]  Chester Dickens: Well..when more of the wholeness of your being is involved..the deeper you go into love.
[19:59]  Tee Auster: Thank you Wytch
[19:59]  Jarrod Khandr: I have learned I need to learn speed reading...just kidding :)
[19:59]  FatimaO Ochl: lol Wytch ended us right on time...a minute early
[19:59]  Acuminous Watanabe: but the group tip jar is in back and helps support the parcel
[19:59]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: im al soo happy u all came
[19:59]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: am*
[19:59]  Windows Bhalti: think of someone you can't divorce, can't unlove e.g. one or both of your parents, your spouse, your partner, offspring, friend, whoever, one someone. Then think why you love that person, then if that person has any imperfections, then the realization that you love them thru thick and thin- that's what real love is. (sorry a little slow on the uptake here *smiles sheepishly)**
[19:59]  Perplexing Scribe: Thank you Wytch
[20:00]  Nedaija Kytori: i enjoyed u all...nice to know there is more to sl other than nude beaches
[20:00]  Acuminous Watanabe: Please also visit the LOVE Expressed show next door for LOVingly designed gifts
[20:00]  Acuminous Watanabe: proceeds support the group as well. :))
[20:00]  FatimaO Ochl: np Windows...its all good
[20:00]  Jarrod Khandr: nude beaches??? where?
[20:00]  Nedaija Kytori: lol@jerrod
[20:00]  Windows Bhalti: bye all, tc
[20:00]  Acuminous Watanabe: TC Windows
[20:00]  FatimaO Ochl: nite windows
[20:00]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: i hope u will all feel welcome to coe again an i enjoyed all your insights**
[20:00]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: come*
[20:01]  Chester Dickens: Thank you all for allowing me to express my views. Blessings to all here. I will come again!!!
[20:01]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: huge group hugs
[20:01]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: ty jarrod**
[20:01]  Tee Auster: nite...thanks for the insight
[20:01]  Chester Dickens: Goodnight everyone. Love all you.
[20:01]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: sweet dreams when u go**
[20:02]  FatimaO Ochl: tc every one
[20:02]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: tc**
[20:02]  Chester Dickens: ty
[20:02]  Perplexing Scribe: Good night I really enjoyed this
[20:02]  Michelangelo Barrowstone: goodnight all
[20:02]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: im so glad**
[20:04]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: thanks tredi an acu 4 your kick ass support
[20:05]  Tredi Felisimo: YAYYY!! Wytchie!!!!
[20:05]  Tredi Felisimo: so sorry I CRASHED!!! (I swear I didn't bail!)
[20:05]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: i really enjoyed that
[20:05]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: lol its ok tredi i dont ASSume
[20:05]  Tredi Felisimo: lol
[20:05]  Tredi Felisimo: you rock Wytch!
[20:05]  Tredi Felisimo: great job
[20:05]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: u rock!
[20:06]  Perplexing Scribe: Yes well done Wytch
[20:06]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: aww ty im just glad peeps got something out of it
[20:06]  Tredi Felisimo: n' roll :-))
[20:07]  Tredi Felisimo: Jarrod and Diamond, you two are true inspiration!
[20:07]  Acuminous Watanabe: Tredi, Wytch
[20:07]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: agreed tredi
[20:07]  Jarrod Khandr: thank you Tredi, thats very kind of you
[20:07]  Acuminous Watanabe: Welcome Diamond and Jarrod to the group of Guides :))
[20:07]  Tredi Felisimo: YAYYY!!!!!!
[20:08]  Diamond Meness: YAY!
[20:08]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: congrats u2!
[20:09]  Jarrod Khandr: thank you so much
[20:09]  Tredi Felisimo: on
[20:09]  Diamond Meness: ty so much!
[20:09]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: lol trdei
[20:09]  Diamond Meness: lol
[20:09]  Jarrod Khandr: I promise to serve the office to which I am appoin...well ya know
[20:10]  Tredi Felisimo gave you Thriller Dancer.
[20:10]  Kalina Firelyte: is this for true love group?
[20:10]  Diamond Meness: ditto
[20:10]  Thriller Dancer: Say 'on' or 'off'to turn me on or off, or 'help' for more commands
[20:10]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: on
[20:10]  Acuminous Watanabe: Hi Kalina :))
[20:10]  Kalina Firelyte: HI!
[20:10]  Thriller Dancer: Say 'on' or 'off'to turn me on or off, or 'help' for more commands
[20:10]  Acuminous Watanabe: Did you just arrive?
[20:10]  Kalina Firelyte: yes
[20:10]  Diamond Meness: on
[20:10]  Wytchwhisper Sadofsky: hi aww true love angel thats awesome we need more of those in the world

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