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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Story's by Wytchwhisper - Wind Spirits ~ Call the Wind

Wind Spirit Video by NicoleX Moonwall Story by Wytchwhisper Sadofsky

Wind Spirits  ~ Call the Wind

Once upon a time there was a girl who called the wind. The necklace her grandmother had given her made her feel like a sorceress, it spoke to her an told her of many things that she had yet to realize about herself or her magic. Before she even knew being a witch was possible she would go to the fields an call the wind to her, it would comfort her with its touch, warm her in the winter, blow the heat away in the summer.

As she got older she taught her brother realizing it was hard for him as their childhood had been cruel, yet needing him to understand that regardless of that anything was possible if he believed. It gave her great satisfaction when the wind came to him an his smile when he realized it. Who would believe it really? So many cynics an people who lose their dreams, who don't believe or cant believe because of their past experience. She rarely spoke about this an the other magical things she experienced because no one would believe. She knew because she had, but to those who hadn't she realized people would assume whatever they wanted to based on their own experience, so she withdrew an let them think what they would.

Many times she would sit an talk with her grandmother about the world, she was very wise her grandmother told her, an old soul who seemed to see with an eire clarity. She believed in soul mates, prince charming an happily ever after. She believed in magic an the unseen. She believed in the potential for good within everyone, its not that she didn't know that evil existed because she had experienced its cruel bites many times, she just knew in her wisdom that it had a choice. Grandmother had told her she should treat people the way she wished to be treated an so she did, tho found it didn't always help them see or reciprocate. So she withdrew an called the wind.

The wind spirits were always kind, always loving, no judgment, just love, always there to embrace you. Leaving the chaos of her usual environment behind she would close her eyes an whisper while exhaling ~ wind ~ waiting she'd repeat ~ wind ~ wind ~ come to me ~ please ~ wind... it would come slowly but always come, ruffling her clothes an hair an making her smile. Thank you wind spirits ~ she would say ~ you are loved ~ as they twirled around her an played with her hair. Smiling an laughing she would twirl an dance with them until she got so tired she would collapse. Sometimes as she laid there still feeling their touch as they moved across her skin she would listen to them talking. The giggles, the laughter, they were so happy so untouched by cruelty it made her smile. As they parted she would wish them much love an hoped that they came again.

As the years went by she found herself calling the wind less an less, it would scare people when doors would slam closed an while she could hear the giggling play of the spirits no one else seemed to. It wasn't that she cared so much about what people thought, it was just the pain at not being accepted for who you are that she hated. People cant understand when they don't see with your perspective, she knew that an so she forgave them, she just didn't want the cruelty of their judgment so she would withdraw. She was not a coward she had fought many battles, it just made one weary this spine of steel holding her up, when all she really wanted was to collapse an feel the winds warm embrace.

There were times she had wondered if the wind would still be there when she reached out an called it, yet it always was, tho sometimes distant an slower to answer. There were times it was hard to believe, when life would seem so cruel that she would lose hope;but then the wind would return an brush her cheek an faith reawakened. If there is one thing she learned it is that cruelty cannot always be avoided but its personal choice to keep believing an if one forgets that they should call the wind...

Wytchwhisper Sadofsky