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Monday, November 1, 2010

Samhain Handfasting

Last night i attended a Samhain ritual in Second Life lead by LiquiDiamond Frost and CobaltBlue Mill. The ritual was very good an i chose some really useful newyear resolutions 4 myself this year; that if i can stick to, which is my intent, will improve my life considerably or such is my evil plan. Evil is good in wytchie speak :) What was an amazing surprise tho was at the end a really nice couple by the names of Vengerax Vantongerloo and Zoelle Zeffirelli chose to share their Handfasting vow renewal with us. Thats them in the picture restating their vows to each other. they gave me permission to share that moment with u all an so I will...

From All about Wytchwhisper

[20:10]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: Thank you for an amazing Sabbat, once again please feel free to stay and witness our renewing of vows.
[20:10]  Veronique Lalonde: My third Samhain :)
[20:10]  LiquiDiamond Frost: Always my pleasure Zoelle
[20:10]  Veronique Lalonde: At SA (The SA)
[20:10]  LiquiDiamond Frost: 3 is a very important number :)
[20:10]  Anwen Ryan: it is :)
[20:10]  Veronique Lalonde: Indeed!
[20:10]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: agreed
[20:11]  LiquiDiamond Frost: So mote it be
[20:11]  CobaltBlue Mill: So Mote It Be
[20:11]  Veronique Lalonde: So mote it be
[20:11]  Emmajade Renfew: so mote it be
[20:11]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: So Mote it be
[20:11]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: So mote it be
[20:11]  Zoelle Zeffirelli: So mote it be
[20:11]  Kelindra Talamasca: so mote it be
[20:12]  LiquiDiamond Frost: Now would be a good time to have a shift to something light and living
[20:12]  LiquiDiamond Frost: A handfastening vow renewal
[20:12]  Veronique Lalonde: Something for the new year!
[20:12]  Emmajade Renfew: yess (story)
[20:12]  LiquiDiamond Frost: Please all take a few moments to share these with us
[20:12]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: yay (spring)
[20:12]  LiquiDiamond Frost: Moments* (Moments *)
[20:13]  Emmajade Renfew: yayayay
[20:13]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: :)
[20:13]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: we have no pose balls so please join us in your mind and hearts.
[20:13]  Anwen Ryan nods and smiles
[20:14]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: High Priestess, it was 20 months ago you joined us and blessed us, We come to you in perfect love to seek this blessing again.
[20:14]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: will you honor us?
[20:14]  LiquiDiamond Frost: I will
[20:15]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: Our trust I will admit has not been perfect. But it is what we strive for. to leave today in perfect love and perfect trust.
[20:16]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: Zoelle, my love. My hands are still in yours, as we have passed through time. I have passed it with you, in love and always a tear in my eye as I look to the soul that joins me.
[20:17]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: How ever at times, I must quote this...but perhaps this is what happens when a tornado meets a Volcano.
[20:17]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: so strong.
[20:17]  Zoelle Zeffirelli laughs and nods
[20:18]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: my love for you.
[20:18]  Vengerax Vantongerloo looks into her eyes his eyes filled...about to bust he just smiles
[20:18]  Zoelle Zeffirelli: My Love... I am so proud to be here with you tonight. There have been many trials and tribulations that we have faced together over the past 20 months. Despite those, here we are. I love you more now that I see your flaws and imperfections. And by now you know that I am far from perfect as well.
[20:19]  Zoelle Zeffirelli: We are the Tornado and Volcano.... why?
[20:19]  Zoelle Zeffirelli: Because ours is a true and passionate love.
[20:20]  Zoelle Zeffirelli: I never mean to hurt you as I know it is never your intent to hurt me... but we are human.
[20:20]  Zoelle Zeffirelli: At the end of each day, however, I know that I will wake to find you by my side.
[20:20]  Zoelle Zeffirelli: I love you, VV... eternally. Thank you for walking this path beside me.
[20:21]  Vengerax Vantongerloo pulls out our cloth
[20:21]  Vengerax Vantongerloo holds your hand
[20:21]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: Priestess, would you please?
[20:23]  Zoelle Zeffirelli points to the first candle we placed here
[20:23]  Vengerax Vantongerloo looks down and smiles as he remembers lighting it with you.
[20:23]  LiquiDiamond Frost: were nothing is perfect love must be, in its compromising toward unconditional meanderings..
[20:24]  LiquiDiamond Frost: toward something as real as the hands that once chose to fasten here with me and us on seasons alter.
[20:24]  LiquiDiamond Frost: together you reached a heart that's every year molding what was two too one a pair who is what you are here now before this congregation, an *us*.
[20:25]  LiquiDiamond Frost: the years and time you worked to make it stay, no matter the oods, you are instead a union.
[20:25]  LiquiDiamond Frost: AS you both so eloquently decided to sate her,..
[20:25]  LiquiDiamond Frost: your love is blessed with passion and conviction, and now a new well earned trust
[20:25]  LiquiDiamond Frost: remember the pride you both hold in this commitment to each other
[20:26]  LiquiDiamond Frost: With that power for an earned honor
[20:26]  LiquiDiamond Frost: r now in your combined hands
[20:27]  LiquiDiamond Frost: I bless may you both decide to come to an alter many more times to commit again
[20:27]  LiquiDiamond Frost: many more times may you both decide to come to renew
[20:27]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: As we will.
[20:27]  LiquiDiamond Frost: Blessed be this union
[20:28]  LiquiDiamond Frost: Blessed be and so mote it be
[20:28]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: So mote it be!
[20:28]  Zoelle Zeffirelli: So mote it be!
[20:28]  CobaltBlue Mill: So mote it Be
[20:28]  Emmajade Renfew: so mote it be!
[20:28]  Anwen Ryan: So mote it be!
[20:28]  Veronique Lalonde: So mote it be!
[20:28]  Athren Askham: So mote it Be
[20:28]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: so mote it be!
[20:28]  Zoelle Zeffirelli kisses her husband with such love
[20:28]  Vengerax Vantongerloo pulls his wife in tight, her body to his as he kisses her so deep
[20:28]  IshtarAngel Micheline: so mote it be
[20:29]  Wytchwhisper Wylder:       ☆*•.¸¸.•*¨•.¸ ★ ¸.•¨*•.¸¸.•*☆
[20:29]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: ☆*•.¸¸.•*¨•.¸ APPLAUSE ¸.•¨*•.¸¸.•*☆
[20:29]  Wytchwhisper Wylder:       ☆*•.¸¸.•*¨•.¸ ★ ¸.•¨*•.¸¸.•*☆
[20:29]  Wytchwhisper Wylder:       ☆*•.¸¸.•*¨•.¸ ★ ¸.•¨*•.¸¸.•*☆
[20:29]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: ☆*•.¸¸.•*¨•.¸ APPLAUSE ¸.•¨*•.¸¸.•*☆
[20:29]  Wytchwhisper Wylder:       ☆*•.¸¸.•*¨•.¸ ★ ¸.•¨*•.¸¸.•*☆
[20:29]  Anwen Ryan clasps her hands and smiles
[20:29]  Zoelle Zeffirelli: Thank you all, for joining us here and bringing your love and energy. We are honored to have you all
[20:29]  Anwen Ryan how beautiful
[20:29]  Emmajade Renfew: yes
[20:29]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: beautiful u guys!
[20:29]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: thank you all, now if your not careful your going to see more then just our hands joining...
[20:29]  Veronique Lalonde smiles
[20:29]  Anwen Ryan grins (grin)
[20:29]  LiquiDiamond Frost: tehee
[20:30]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: do u mind if i share it with my readers?
[20:30]  Zoelle Zeffirelli: Ohhhh.... let me drag him home
[20:30]  Emmajade Renfew: can i say something guys n gals? *my heart beats so fast*
[20:30]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: Not at all Wytch
[20:30]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: Love do you mind?
[20:30]  Zoelle Zeffirelli: of course not, Wytch.
[20:30]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: yay ty! (Company yay!)
[20:30]  LiquiDiamond Frost: thanks for doing this for us here tonight Vengerex and Zoe
[20:30]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: Yes Emma?
[20:30]  Veronique Lalonde: Thanks for including us!
[20:30]  Zoelle Zeffirelli: Our thanks go to you, LD
[20:31]  Emmajade Renfew: Amw and i have said vows together tonight here too
[20:31]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: is honored to attend may u have many more :)
[20:31]  Emmajade Renfew: maybe only in our heads, and to each other
[20:31]  Zoelle Zeffirelli: You have been a big part of lives, LD, even though you may not know it.
[20:31]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: oh congrats emma an amw
[20:31]  LiquiDiamond Frost: im very well honored
[20:31]  Emmajade Renfew: we have a wedding date set and so many preparations underway
[20:31]  Emmajade Renfew: but tonight before our ancestors
[20:31]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: Congrats to you Emma and Amw
[20:32]  Zoelle Zeffirelli: Emma and Anwen, congratulations!!!
[20:32]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: yay ! (yay!)
[20:32]  LiquiDiamond Frost: i mut say so many of you have made life worth it here for me
[20:32]  Veronique Lalonde giggles
[20:32]  Emmajade Renfew: and before you as witnesses
[20:32]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: so mote it be!
[20:32]  Emmajade Renfew: I love this woman, and I am hers
[20:32]  Veronique Lalonde: Congratulations, Emma and Amw
[20:32]  LiquiDiamond Frost: So mote it be!
[20:32]  Zoelle Zeffirelli: So mote it be!
[20:32]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: So mote it be!
[20:32]  LiquiDiamond Frost: Congrats!
[20:32]  CobaltBlue Mill: so mote it be
[20:32]  Anwen Ryan: So mote it be
[20:32]  Amw216 Aie: :)
[20:33]  Emmajade Renfew: I love you amw
[20:33]  Kelindra Talamasca: So mot it be
[20:33]  Amw216 Aie: ty all (all companies)
[20:33]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: so much love in this room :)
[20:33]  Anwen Ryan what a great night
[20:33]  Amw216 Aie: i love your to emma
[20:33]  Amw216 Aie: and i too am allll urs
[20:33]  Emmajade Renfew: I know
[20:33]  Zoelle Zeffirelli: Merry part, all... and blessed be!
[20:33]  Emmajade Renfew: heart mind body soul
[20:33]  Emmajade Renfew: I thiankyou (In thiankyou)
[20:33]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: awww (Awww)
[20:33]  Emmajade Renfew: and thanks all for listening
[20:33]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: blessed be!
[20:33]  Amw216 Aie: :)
[20:34]  Vengerax Vantongerloo: Blessed be all.
[20:35]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: what a joyous start to a new year. this will be a year of much love :)
[20:36]  LiquiDiamond Frost: Thank you very much for your donation Zoe
[20:37]  Veronique Lalonde: Blessed Samhain, all! Merry part!
[20:37]  CobaltBlue Mill: Blessed Samhain Veronique
[20:37]  Kelindra Talamasca: bleesed samhain as well meey part (November bleesed part of well meey)
[20:37]  IshtarAngel Micheline: Ok i need to take care of some homework. Ill see you all and Blessed be to you all.
[20:37]  LiquiDiamond Frost: Blessed samhain
[20:37]  CobaltBlue Mill: BB Ish
[20:37]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: merry part blessed Samhain
[20:37]  LiquiDiamond Frost: I am off as well every one thank you very much for being here tonight
[20:38]  CobaltBlue Mill: Night LD.. see ya Tomorrow :)
[20:38]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: ty liqui (the Liqui)
[20:38]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: did u give me that lm?
[20:39]  Emmajade Renfew: do we have a feast?
[20:39]  LiquiDiamond Frost: Thank you Anwen :D
[20:39]  LiquiDiamond Frost: no feast tonight :) next sabbat there should be an eventing club on the sim though
[20:40]  Emmajade Renfew whispers: :D (: D)
[20:40]  CobaltBlue Mill: I'm sure a few of you have left over trick or treet candy ;-)
[20:40]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: lol (lol)
[20:40]  Emmajade Renfew: lol (lol)
[20:40]  LiquiDiamond Frost: lol (lol)
[20:41]  Emmajade Renfew: im in australia, a samhain ritual is a lil unusual for my rl year just now
[20:42]  CobaltBlue Mill: ah yes, it's Beltane for you
[20:42]  Wytchwhisper Wylder:
[20:42]  Emmajade Renfew: but its strange my sl and rl overlap a lil
[20:42]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: thats so wild to imagine
[20:42]  LiquiDiamond Frost: thank you very much
[20:42]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: ty (Company)
[20:43]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: that's the curio shop i believe
[20:43]  Emmajade Renfew: be fun to look
[20:44]  CobaltBlue Mill: I need to depart.. Night all and have a Blessed Samhain
[20:44]  Wytchwhisper Wylder: k tc everyone :) blessed be ty 4 tonight
[20:44]  Emmajade Renfew: yes thankyou so much
[20:45]  Emmajade Renfew: my first sl ritual
[20:45]  Teleport completed from

As u can see we also stumbled upon a first time handfasting of Emmajade Renfew and  Amw216 Aie sadly i have no picture of them but thinks it speaks well of the upcoming year to begin it with so much happiness an love. The thing i like most about Handfastings beyond it being a meeting of two souls madly in love is that it teaches improved relationship skills by encouraging respect 4 ones partner and if u dont when it comes time to renew well ... renewal may not happen. It gives freedom to both couples so neither feels trapped in the relationship yet because they love each other they stay. Just like not all relationships are the same no 2  handfastings are the same either. Its all about personal choice as shown in this excerpt from wikipedia :

In the present day, some Neopagans practice this ritual. The marriage vows taken may be for "a year and a day," a lifetime, "for all of eternity" or "for as long as love shall last." Whether the ceremony is legal, or a private spiritual commitment, is up to the couple. Depending on the state where the handfasting is performed, and whether or not the officiant is a legally recognized minister, the ceremony itself may be legally binding, or couples may choose to make it legal by also having a civil ceremony. Modern handfastings are performed for same-gender or opposite-gender couples, as well as for multiple partners in the case of polyamorous relationships. As with many Neopagan rituals, some groups may use historically attested forms of the ceremony, striving to be as traditional as possible, while others may use only the basic idea of handfasting and largely create a new ceremony.[4]

As many different traditions of Neopaganism use some variation on the handfasting ceremony, there is no universal ritual form that is followed, and the elements included are generally up to the couple being handfasted. In cases where the couple belong to a specific religious or cultural tradition, there may be a specific form of the ritual used by all or most members of that particular tradition. The couple may conduct the ceremony themselves or may have an officiant perform the ceremony. In some traditions, the couple may jump over a broom at the end of the ceremony. Some may instead leap over a small fire together. Today, some couples opt for a handfasting ceremony in place of, or incorporated into, their public wedding. As summer is the traditional time for handfastings, they are often held outdoors.

As with more conventional marriage ceremonies, couples often exchange rings during a handfasting, symbolizing their commitment to each other. Many couples choose rings that reflect their spiritual and cultural traditions, while others choose plainer, more conventional wedding rings.

I hope u all enjoyed this little journey with me down loves lane this new year an may u all have much love an abundance coming your way so mote it be!

Wytchie xoxoxoxoxox

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