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Saturday, December 24, 2011

To all the people who have entered my life,

I hope you all are having a very happy in the pants holidays! if by any chance your pants are not happy i suggest playing with them till they are lol jk but no seriously. i do sincerely hope u get all u wish for this holiday season an that all your dreams come true in the new year. We tend to reflect on life around this time of year. sometimes joyfully others not as much, sometimes with a bottle of temporary happy in hand regardless of how your reflecting just know that u are appreciated 4 who you are an all that u bring to lives of those around you. Always be aware of how what u do can effect others with a simple smile you can brighten someones day. A simple act of kindness can change a life. Something that seems minor to u may be earth shattering to someone else! happiness is contagious so spread it as much as possible an if someone has grumpy pants smack them in da ass till they giggle! But most important tc of u cause from u stems all possibility of tomorrows. Be as kind to yourself as you are to others an know that you are appreciated 4 who you are.

xoxo wytchie