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Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Holidays

Hi guys. I could spew a bunch of crap to u about the holidays but I won't. I know this season can be extremely hard for some people due to life n love losses etc. Life isn't always kind or easy. It is good to remember that u r not alone. Even when it feels that way. When we r isolated inside our heads its easy to focus on the Negative. Its more of a challenge to see the positive. We lie to ourselves all the time as we can't honestly say we can know others thoughts. We can get impressions but its all influenced by our history and our baggage. Its made more confusing by dishonesty from others. I woke up feeling down today. Had memories about things people have said and wondering what was the truth. I will probably never know. Anyways my point is that we create our own happy thru our perceptions so if we choose to focus on the unhappy or on the happy its our choice. A lot of people won't take responsibility for their happy and put the responsibility on others which will guarantee the unhappy as people don't always live up to others expectations. That being said I hope u take responsibility and choose your happy. Life is an adventure so make a choice to focus on the happy whether they be memories or current. Take care of u, be kind to others and please have a happy holidays Xoxox Wytchie

Friday, September 27, 2013

No more happily ever after for me

No more happily ever after
All my relationships have been a disaster
No more happily ever after for me

Lonely nights without the fights
Whose to say whats wrong or right
No more happily ever after for me

When I was younger I was filled with hunger
For someone to breach the walls and free me
No more happily ever after for me

How do I know whats meant to be
Why is it all so hard to see
No more happily ever after for me

The sad fact of reality
Sometimes things aren't meant to be
No more happily ever after for me

Onwards I go without any hope
Somedays its impossible to cope
No more happily ever after for me

If once upon a time comes
Will I know that their the one
Will happily ever after finally happen to me

Will happily ever after happen to me
Or will it always be.....
No more happily ever after for me.......