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Friday, February 14, 2014

Wytchie Wisdom - Things life has taught me

- People don't like sad people
- Reality can be depressing
- Our perceptions create our reality, so change perception, change reality
- Changing perceptions can be difficult
- The only one you can completely depend on is yourself
- You can't please everyone so trying to is pointless
- If people can't accept you for you that's their problem
- People who try to change me into what they want me to be have no place in my life
- Real friends support you in your endeavors they don't tear you down
- I haven't always been a good friend
- I'm not perfect
- Treat people how you want them to treat you
- Just because I like sex doesn't mean there isn't more to my personality
- I believe in happily ever after
- True love is possible I've seen it
- how people treat people and animals when they don't think your looking says a lot about them
- Be true to thyself an oracle told me
- Success is about happiness not $$$
- A persons soul is more attractive then their outer shell
- I'm my own worst enemy
- I'm too hard on myself
- I'm self entertaining
- Stronger people admit their mistakes, admit they have emotions, admit their vulnerable
- Being financially independent is a more desirable state then being dependent as it gives people the opportunity to be abusive.
- People who can't love you at your worst don't deserve you at your best.
- People who truly love you accept all of you not just the bits and pieces that they approve of
- People who lie to you to try and control and manipulate you are being mentality abusive. Don't believe anything they say consider the source.
- Open relationships, BDSM relationships and other deviant relationships require more trust then a supposed "normal" relationship so thing's that dissolve trust like lies will destroy the trust and hence the relationship.
- Honest communication is key to all successful relationships

- I will add more as I'm inspired or remember

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