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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Show Today - Cancellation

Due to feeling ill,  my inability to concentrate and randomly speaking in tounges which creates new words while I may be entertaining I have decided to take the advice I give so many of u and take care of me. Do not despair as I will return next week same time, same place, same bat channel. I'm gonna snuggle back under my covers now. Xoxo Wytchie

CANCELLED - Second Life ~ @ 8PM slt/pst  Mar 13 Wytchwhisper Sings an hour set @ All About Wytchwhisper

Called a torch singer by some and a freaky fairy by others - I have a sultry, sensuous,  jazzy, alternative, oldies, demented, pop, rock, risque, non filtered, moody, just me, demented, happy in the pants sound! 

Disclaimer ~ May contain content considered offensive to some listeners and neither wytchwhisper nor the venue is responsible for attendees future actions following the Performance. 

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