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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Weird ass event outside my house

I was laying in bed my mind racing as i try to relax and sleep when i hear a bunch of car doors closing. I was like wtf especially since that's kinda how it sounded the night someone tried to steal my car. So i go in the hallway flashing lights outside. Wondering i made my way to the kitchen window in time to see a officer talking to two black men who appeared to be parked in front of my house. I had heard no sirens it was very silent film odd. Then the police herd the men to the back of their car leaning them on the trunk . There was a pause the officer turned to his partner. The men on the trunk hardly moved. Then the cop spins around yelling wtf you doing grabs the one black mans head and throws him down on the pavement. The man didn't do anything to provoke such rough treatment. Then after whatever they did to him on the other side of the car which i couldn't see they put the men in the police car. Then they searched the car before the tow truck arrived. And when the car was towed they all drove away. I was torn as being a victim recently i appreciated the presence of the nearby law enforcement officers but as a person who is not racist in any way was very disturbed by the officers violence. I can see both sides i know its a thankless job at times but i have always had issues with officers with inflated egos that act like their a supreme being so bow down to them. I remember when the police came out to the farm after john attacked me the male officer spoke to me with contempt and looked at me like a bug were as his female colleague seemed genuinely concerned and was eager to help grama and i escape.  I'm not a violent person but i will defend myself as many a testicle crumpled man will tell u. Not really sure what i should do part of me wants to tell the officers superiors the other part doesn't want to suffer the wrath of the vindictive cops vendetta should he chose to have one. Its pretty shitty when the public is instinctually afraid of the police since they have encountered so many threatening ones. Sighs

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