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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


People need to stop getting together and making assumptions about me and who they think i am cause they are wrong. Not all people suffering from depression are sad all the time nor are they negative all the time but people seem to just assume so. If someone without depression said they couldn't make it would it be assumed they were quitting? Just because a depressed person cares enough about others to try and have consideration for their feelings does not mean their having a bad day or that their whole conversation with you is going to be negative. When I'm happy I'm just as happy me as I've always been. My feelings should still be respected and taken seriously as they were before i was diagnosed.  I will not be put in a box and told my feelings are not valid and "all in my head" I'm still the me u knew from before and frankly i miss the non assumptions. There's nothing like talking to someone and having them tell you that they cant talk to you because you will bring them down when your actually in not too bad a mood ;well that is until they spew that shit all over you, then you just want to kick them. I'm sorry that i have been so hurt by people in my past that i ask for reassurance occasionally. I'm sorry that I'm human and not perfect. I'm sorry i have good days and bad days just like everyone else. And mostly I'm sorry that after accepting you for your flaws and all, showing empathy during times you have needed it that you cant see who i really am but see  some one dimensional ASSumption instead.

Pissed off pixie