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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Comfy vs what will people think gasp!

I seriously don't understand people sometimes. I do not have a huge ego. I do not have excessive amounts of self esteem, i don't really think much of myself to be honest, I'm just me. If some guy chooses to look at my tits that is not something i can control. Many times i don't even notice cause in my brain i am not constantly thinking all men want me. I usually assume no men want me to be honest. I also do not have ulterior motives for what i wear. I like to be comfy. That is my ultimate clothing goal. I am not against clothes that highlight my assets but i sure the hell do not strategically create male crippling clothing styles which forces them to stare at me. If i order pizza and I'm comfy in my robe i will not get dressed just to receive pizza, nor will i get all dressed up for cable people, mail people etc cause dammit I'm comfy and no one will destroy the comfy zone! Also me being dressed that way does not mean I'm asking without words for sex. Frankly if I'm comfortable with the person and want sex i have no problem asking (wanna fuck?) Std testing is usually a requirement...unless committed in which case that was addressed at the beginning of the relationship. The cable guy came over and according to She who will not be named he was staring at my tits and if i didn't respect myself enough not to dress properly to receive such people and wanted to flaunt my tits like a whore then that's quite sad. I'm like wtf? I have not done anything wrong. I cannot control what other people do or how they react to me. She has no right to judge me nor does anyone else. I had one goal comfyness. Nothing else. I never noticed him staring at me. I never thought of sex the whole time he was here. I was focusing on the tech knowledge. Yes i like sex and i have a right to just as much as anyone. That doesn't make me a horrible person. It also doesn't mean that's all i think of. I think about lots of things thru the day some is sex most is not. There are times i like to dress provocatively because i like to feel sexy and fine if u really must throw stones then so be it. Unless your close to me emotionally i will not care and ignore u. Other people have no right to pass judgement over anyone short of murder and even then every circumstance is different. I am so tired of people and their judgements. Why cant i be accepted for who i am like i do for others. Why does everyone always look for the negative in other people. Cant we celebrate the positives in others and let them know how much we appreachiate them. Why as a society have we been taught to judge and put everyone down. Why aren't people taught how to love themselves and others. Why does society seem to put more value into individuals that are cruel and oppressive. Have we really all become sheep for the hive farm?

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