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Monday, June 16, 2014

What i was trying to express but failing

I'm not a racist person and I've never dated one so when that question got thrown at me i tried to be as fair as possible.I'm not a grammar expert and I'm not always great at explaining myself. The show really didn't have the time for me to express it and i really hate being misunderstood so i decided to write about it here as it is my blog anyway. The point i was trying to get at was i don't like to judge and i don't try to control people. Also i like to see situations from all angles even ones i find distasteful so i usually find myself being devils advocate. I know everyone was very passionate about their opinions i did say that i wouldn't date someone like that because of the negativity and lack of open-mindedness which seems to go along with it. I don't think people heard me tho.The focus seemed to be on how i was saying it incorrectly so i tried to explain further but each attempt i felt it got further off track. I was trying to be understood but failing miserably. I felt every attempt wasn't seen because of the intensity of the debate.I felt that because of the anger and judgement that had been passed as to what sort of person i was that i wouldn't be heard and id continue to have all i attempted to say picked apart so i gave up and decided to explain here instead. I personally do not approve of racism and no i was not suggesting that if u dated one u could in any way change them etc,etc what i was trying to avoid was mob mentality. I am not going to jump on the persecution bandwagon just because everyone else is. I was trying to play devils advocate as i usually do and try to draw attention to other possible perspectives based on various circumstance to make people think and ended up feeling kind of tared and feathered for it. I feel no ill feelings towards anyone even tho assumptions were made and later some hurtful things were said. People sometimes prefer to see the negative i cant control that. I'm sorry if my attempts to clarify upset anyone i guess i shouldn't have tried and just finished what i was trying to say here on the blog after all. I was not trying to mislead people i just wanted to be understood because i know I'm not always.Thanks for listening. Much love to u. Xo wytchie

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