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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Evil plans for Aug 20 - 23

Multifaceted Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Dancer, Machinimatographer, Writer, Figurative 2D Artist, 3D Clothing and Object Designer, Relationship Adviser, Spiritually Enlightened Wiccan and Comedic Pervert.

Cancelled this week - Second Life ~ @ 11 AM slt/pst  Aug 20 Wytchwhisper Sings @ Kickin Club Live Music


Cancelled this week - Second Life ~ @ 8 PM slt/pst Aug 21Wytchwhisper Sings @ Wytchwhisper


Cancelled this week - Second Life ~ @ 10 PM slt/pst Aug 23 Wytchwhisper Sings @ Wytchwhisper

4 booking ~ pls use with BOOKING in the title I dont like to rely on the inventory system delivery in world. If i dont respond to u immediately im not ignoring u pls try again.

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