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Monday, August 11, 2014

We need more white hat programming cause the black hats r winning

I responded to an article on effective wireless networking but am not sure it will be posted cause it kinda counters the original article message which was meant to be reassuring. So I decided to share it here as this is essentially what I was experiencing when I was having all those hacker issues at my gigs before I sent my computer in and was gone from SL for over 6 months. 

"I think the reality is that security is an illusion to some extent.  It seems like as tech becomes more consumer friendly it exposes vulnerabilitys which haven't entirely been solved. Wps is tech in your router that's supposed to make it quicker and easier for visitors to connect to your network great huh yeah for hackers too cause they can eventually break thru it by using a program which resemble s a battering ram. Once connected to your network there are programs hackers use which can spoof your Mac address from the attackers device allowing them to pretend to be u and happily use up your data plan as I expensively discovered.  There are ways to turn the attackers devices into man in the middle devices that sit between your device and your router or service provider so the hacker gets access to everything sent to u and can choose weather to let that email Or sms from someone thru or not or even change the content of it. They can arp poison your network and hijack your session s to access your personal log ins I discovered a year before heartbleed was announced and people didn't believe me they thought it wasnt possible lol. I know all this cause it all happened to me and the person doing it was so confident they let enough slip that I eventually put it all together. I think the reality is that tech needs more white hat programming out there as it seems that the black hats r winning currently. With the programming becoming simpler to use for the average Joe even the panty Sniffer you have as a neighbor can use it to make your life miserable if they feel so inclined sadly. So my advice no wps routers and look up arp poisoning , denial of service attacks and Mac flooding to see how u can TRY to defend yourself and change your passwords frequently. hugs "

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