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Monday, August 25, 2014

Your Perspective

Regardless of media or face to face if people don't want to hear what your saying they won't. Even if you  repeat the same answer three or more times when someone is in a full blown rant it's all about them and nothing you say will matter cause they can't hear u anyway. Some people will also  repeatedly ask questions they don't want the answers to then get angry when you answer them. That makes no sense to me if you know a possible answer will upset you why ask the question unless of course you want to upset yourself or back up your own negative thinking because your looking for negative things to be upset about. Asking the first time you may not be aware but asking someone how their day is when you know life is currently shitty for them and then getting mad when they confirm yes life is shitty is unfair to them. I think people who do that are jaded and constantly looking for proof to back up their jaded reality. What you choose to see will be is a very true statement. If your personal reality is all rose colored glasses everything you encounter you will be able to find a positive in. Well the dog got run over but hey we don't have to pick up poo anymore for example. If your personal reality is jaded everything you encounter will have negative in it. The dog got run over and it was all a conspiracy to upset me for example. In a more truthful reality the dog got run over fact. We as humans always interpret our reality based on our attitude of the current moment. If your having a shitty morning unless you change your perspective to positive chances are your day will continue on a negative course. Changing perspective isn't always easy sometimes to bring yourself into the positive you have to distract your mind from the negative via enjoyment music, tv, etc. If you have a strong will you can do it even when people are ranting at you. I learned during my years in customer service that shit rolls downhill and many customers realizing you have to be nice regardless will take opportunity to direct all their anger and frustration and release it on you so they can feel better about themselves. I learned to deal with others anger by smiling,  nodding, talking calmly no matter what they throw at you and trying to find the positive in the situation; like maybe when they leave they will slip on a banana and after falling and almost dying from their injury perhaps they may feel bad about their actions and try being nicer to people. While this is happening I continue to smile sometimes going to my happy place and thinking of things unrelated. When it's quiet again my attention will shift back inquire weather their calm enough to talk rationally if so we discuss solutions if not I tell them to have a nice day and come back when they want to discuss more. Knowing the hurtfulness of spontaneous anger words  if I am angry which takes a lot but it does happen I will withdraw so I don't unintentionally hurt people I care about, I will analyze the situation to take responsibility for my parts in it and when I am done and calm will discuss my feelings with those I'm angry with. If no solutions are found in the first discussion I will attempt to resolve it in later conversation. I don't like sweeping things under the rug as it causes resentment and misunderstanding which causes cracks in any foundation. That's my evil plans for anger management. That being said I'm only human and if the envelope is pushed to far I will explode like a volcano and try recovery thru retreat and analysis. Some people in the past have not understood my actions but I know my truth and I can't control how others judge or assume so they will see what they want to based on their perspective.

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