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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Evil plans for Sept 24-27

Multifaceted Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Dancer, Machinimatographer, Writer, Figurative 2D Artist, 3D Clothing and Object Designer, Relationship Adviser, Spiritually Enlightened Wiccan and Comedic Deviant.

Every ting listed below cancelled will return in October after The Move... mwhahaha

Second Life ~ @ 11 AM slt/pst  every Wednesday Wytchwhisper Sings @ Kickin Club Live Music

Second Life ~ @ 8 PM slt/pst every Thursday Wytchwhisper Sings @ Wytchwhisper


Second Life ~ @ 9 PM slt/pst every Friday Wytchwhisper Sings @ Solana 's Place


Second Life ~ @ 10 PM slt/pst every Saturday Wytchwhisper Sings @ Wytchwhisper

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