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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Multiple Squirting Orgasm Break

Multiple squirting orgasms had it about 5 min ago so while I sit here in the after glow smiling to myself I start remembering a night when I was having them and someone external to my body said to me no your not that's just an orgasm. At the time I remember thinking fuck you it is I know my own body who the hell do you think you are? Then another part of me was like what if their right? So I analyzed it. Crashing crescendo climaxes boom ,explosion ,squirt, fall slightly, BOom EXPlosion  SQUirt, fall slightly, BOOM,EXPLOSION, SQUIRT! Each one more powerful then the other till eventually you just have to stop due to oversensitivity or final big fountain climax. The fall drifting down like a feather in the breeze or as intense as the single below. Seems multiple to me, I've had single orgasm it's not always multiple. Their more like wait for it intensity building,  it's getting closer,  I can feel it, I'm almost thrashing and quaking in expectation then BOOM! EXPLOSION! Fountain squirt! falling!  Omg I can breathe again. Down, down down shhhhh peace, bliss, happy all muscles relax smiling. Ive also had multiple individuals one after another. People generally aren't in your head unless they link on a spiritual level and sometimes not even then, you can't really tell what others are experiencing unless they tell you. I personally find people telling me what I'm thinking and doing a turn off. At that moment the tire deflates, the jack is brandished like a weapon and the car is not moving anytime soon. Now multiple minis or multiple individual orgasms that take 5 min or longer each one after another are still multiple in the context used in my opinion and if someone tries to tell u different beat them with a rubber chicken or your breasts until they submit to your logic. Mwhahaha!

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