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Saturday, November 15, 2014


For my own sanity and piece of mind I have decided to forgive everyone all the voyeur s, all the lies, all the manipulators all the theives and all the people who have been trying to prove in some way that I'm a horrible person. They will have their own karma to deal with and my life is too short to waste it on being hurt by what has been done to me. I'm just glad that I'm me and that's one thing that can't be taken from me. I haven't lied in quite some time I wish that they didn't need to go through all my possessions,  all my accounts etc etc to realize it. I am a good person it makes me sad it took all of this for people to finally see that. I started my journey with love and that's all I've ever tried to accomplish I have no agenda except love. I honestly don't know why people can't accept that. Sigh

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

EviL plans nov 5 to 7

Multifaceted Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Dancer, Machinimatographer, Writer, Figurative 2D Artist, 3D Clothing and Object Designer, Relationship Adviser, Spiritually Enlightened Wiccan and Comedic Deviant.

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