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Friday, February 20, 2015

I'm Frustrated

I can't currently get any of my games to connect to the Internet. I'm working on fixing that. Also I've discovered I have not lost the hackers that were affecting me in 2011 since then and possibly before I have had a domain controlled virtual management accessing and controlling my computer. What this means is that they have cut off my online access in the past, access any accounts I'm logged into, delete what they choose and spy on everything I do. Because of this I can't guarantee that if their upset with me or having a bad day that they won't crash my avie and cut off my online access halfway through my gig. That they won't delete messages from people before I received them etc. Or cut my online access all together as is happening with my gaming. They remote in and do whatever they wish. I love performing and want to continue but I didn't think It was fair  for all of you not to be aware of what I'm facing. If venues want to take the risk on me I will happily perform as much as I am able. If they don't I understand that too even though it would sadden me. I have changed all booking $L to compensate. I have done all I currently can to rectify this but have been unsuccessful. Regardless I want a life and have nothing to hide so I will continue my activities normally  as much as possible. huge hugs everyone.

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