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Friday, December 16, 2016

Short Film: Find my Phone - English Subtitles

imagine a stalker doing this to your devices so they could spy on you and you get an idea of what i experianced while my devices were hacked. they modified the system so any reset i did didnt get rid of them. meanwhile they had access to all of my contacts ,photos, used my phone/tablet to watch me. something simular was done with my computer camras as well.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

A new day

Life is better now i got a new computer so im slowly easing back into things. I lost Sadi my little man in May of 2015, it was like losing a child and very depressing. I still cant think of him without tearing up. I've come back into SL and had my faith in humanity restored. People have been so nice and supportive. I'm currently participating in open mics and some bookings which i have advertised on Facebook and in world. It had been awhile since i had sang and i didnt want to rush in and sound horrible plus i wasnt sure this computer could run SL let alone allow me to perform (it is $300 puter). I needed to have confidence in myself and my equipment. So i didnt make a huge announcement when i first came in but things seem to be working well so im optimistic. Not really sure what the future holds but im a survivor, i plan to stick around so i hope to see more of everyone, huge hugs to you all !