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Tarot Spreads

Please be aware that all readings are only an indication of were your headed on your current path. Nothing is set in stone if you see yourself currently following a path with an outcome you do not like you have the ability to change it through your perceptions and actions. 

Huge hugs Wytchwhisper  :)

As im a member of Annikin I just recently added these spreads

The Chalice by Wytchwhisper
Curious about marrage / handfasting this spread will help :)

A Partners Perspective by Wytchwhisper
 tired of not knowing what their thinking and you cant ask them this spread may help :)

Destined Spread by Wytchwhisper
For those who believe in destiny :)

The Souls Path Spread by Wytchwhisper
This is a spread i created because i was faced with the question of 2 souls meeting again in this life. This spread can also be used for any relationship between 2 people.

The relationship path by wytchwhisper
The current path of the relationship in question can be used for all types of relationships. romantic, family, work, etc
Relationship Energy Spread by wytchwhisper 
Energies abundant in current relationship can be used for all types of relationships. romantic, family, work, etc
The path by wytchwhisper
Advice for your questions current path leading to the result

Click on the name above if you want to try them out :)

Advice for questions current path spread
Aka what to do to achieve the outcome suggested by card 1

Position 1 Outcome of the questions path currently
Position 2 Were you think the situation is now 
Position 3 How you feel about the situation 
Position 4 How your actions appear to others 
Position 5 How you should express yourself 
Position 6 How you will feel about the situation in the future 
Position 7 What you can expect to happen that transitions to the outcome

Relationship spread

Position 1 Where they are currently
Position 2 Where you are currently
Position 3 What you both feel and learn from each other
Position 4 The foundation of the relationship
Position 5 Their strengths or weaknesses that affect the relationship 
Position 6 Your strengths or weaknesses that affect the relationship 
Position 7 Outcome of current relationship's path

Arrow of time spread

The Star of Love spread

Tarot Partner Dialogue

The Relationship Celtic Cross spread

Astro Tarot spread

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