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If your interested in hiring me to sing for your venue or private event please feel free to check out the booking FAQ below and contact me to confirm the booking :) please note all my shows can also be listened to on my website unless requested otherwise live at the scheduled show time so  feel free to donate if you wish  :) please IM  me if you have any questions my IMs do get capped but they are  forwarded to my  email :) Have a wicked good day :)

~Wytchwhisper Sadofsky SL's Favorite FREAKY FAIRY~

General Bio~Multifaceted Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Actress, Dancer, Machinimatographer, Writer, Figurative 2D Artist, 3D Clothing and Object Designer, Relationship Adviser, Spiritually Enlightened Wiccan and Comedic Deviant. 

Hello! you have entered the mind of wytchwhisper sadofsky  similar to the twilight zone but much more fun! If i don't appear to be home please leave a message an i will get back to you ASAP!

Singing Bio ~ Singer/Songwriter called a torch singer by some and a freaky fairy by others I have a unique sultry, sensuous, original, jazzy, alternative, oldies, demented, pop, rock, happy in the pants sound! I like private IMs and audience participation please remember you are a huge important part of my show that way you superstar, wiggles eyebrows!

Some songs can be sang in English or Domestic Cat so please specify if you have a preference when you request it in IM :)

Disclaimer ~ Contains unique relaxing vocals, stress reducing melodies and life changing knowledge. Listen with caution while driving or operating dangerous equipment. Also contains mature content, humour an moments of insanity, I am not responsible for how nearby animals or people behave while listening!

My creativity flows into various outlets my website and brand *Wytchwhisper* ~ Features Info about my Singing, Dancing, Acting, Performances, Machinima, Writing, Advice Articles, Artwork, Nudes, Figurative Drawings, Clothing, Meditation, Occult, Wicca, Rituals and Celtic Creations. Essentially all that i do.
If you played Sims 2 you may know me as Wytchwhisper from Sims2Wytch were I shared my Sims 2 creations.

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TIPS ~ Not everyone is aware of linden exchange value vs Us dollar amounts a good average to remember is every $250 Linden = $1 Us dollar this does vary depending on the current exchange market but it just gives people a general idea so they can decide how much they would like to donate to the venues an performers that are supplying their time an creativity to entertain them.

BOOKING ~ Is currently accepting booking 4 performances DO NOT send me a Note card in SL as my inventory will eat them sadly :)  please IM me in world as all IMs go to my email when im offline. I value honesty and being appreciated for what I do above all else. If your underhanded or mean I wont work with you even for pay. I need all performances to be entered into SL events by the venue since they have land rights reg event posting. I also need a LM and rezzing rights for the performance

BOOKING PRICES ~ With some exceptions $L is dependent on a small fee and venue or sponsor generosity. Please note days and times of bookings with higher pay get more priority. $0L for Charities, Memorials and Showcases. First come first serve :)

PROMO PHOTOS ~ feel free to use any that have wytchwhisper in text on them ~


SCHEDULE ~ on website


SINGING EXAMPLES ~ and at the venue during performances.

WRITING ~ on website


SL GROUP ~ paste this link in SL local chat and click on it ~ secondlife:///app/group/4cf97ac9-c972-bf75-4f1f-b4657174a96a/about

SUBSCRIBE ~ to my subscribomatic @ Wytchwhisper look 4 the red sign with the triple moon ~   or

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to purchase my creations on SL Market Place  paste this address in your browser ~

please enable mature content to see some of my naughtier creations... :)